Application for the degree program

For alums of CSRI Summer 1

Alums of CSRI Summer 1 who choose to pursue the master's degree after completing Summer 1 may apply for formal admission to the CSRI degree program. Depending on the year of participation in CSRI, applicants to a degree program may have slightly different requirements. Please contact for more information.

Application deadlines for past participants of CSRI Summer 1 are provided in the table below.

Semester of starting
degree program

Fall 1 April 15
Spring 1 October 1
Summer 2 March 15

Please note that students who are not yet formally admitted to the degree program but choose to take further courses through CSRI after the initial summer are not guaranteed admission to the degree program. There is a limit of 16 credits taken through CSRI as a non-degree student.

For degree-seeking applicants who have not yet completed or started CSRI Summer 1

Applicants to CSRI Summer 1 who want to pursue a degree program following the initial summer should first complete the application to the Mailman School of Public Health (MSPH) degree program through SOPHAS, a centralized application service for schools of public health. Formal admission to the degree program is approved by the MSPH Admissions Committee. Those accepted to either the MS in Biostatistics - Clinical Research Track or the MS in Patient Oriented Research degree programs in Biostatistics will automatically be accepted into the Columbia Summer Research Institute.

The SOPHAS application requires a personal statement, CV, transcripts, test scores, and three letters of recommendation. There is a $120 non-refundable application fee. All application materials are submitted to SOPHAS for verification. The process may be lengthy so please allow sufficient time to complete the application.

SOPHAS applicants who wish to be considered for the CSRI program regardless of the outcome of their application to an MSPH degree program, may grant CSRI explicit permission to review their SOPHAS application in place of the MSPH Application to CSRI. The CSRI Application Supplement and CSRI Recommendation Form are still required. See the CSRI Summer 1 application page for details.

The deadline to apply is April 15 for most degree programs. To apply, please visit the Mailman School of Public Health Prospective Student webpage.