The Curriculum

Enhance your competitive edge with a degree


After gaining vital skills in the first summer of CSRI, participants have the option to continue their studies in a degree program offered by the Department of Biostatistics. The 10 academic credits earned in CSRI Bootcamp may be applied to either the Clinical Research Methods or the Patient Oriented Research degree programs. Separate application to either degree program is required. Questions regarding the degree programs should be directed to Ms. Justine Herrera, Director of Academic Programs in Biostatistics.

See here for degree program application information for prospective applicants to CSRI and for CSRI alums.


MS In Biostatistics - Clinical Research Methods

The MS/CRM track requires an additional 20 credits which may be earned in as little as 12 months following participation in CSRI Bootcamp.

REQUIRED COURSES (after completion of CSRI Bootcamp):

  • Applied Regression I - 3 credits - Fall or Spring
  • Applied Regression II - 3 credits - Spring or Summer
  • Analysis of Categorical Data - 3 - Fall, Spring or Summer
  • Introduction to Randomized Clinical Trials - 3 credits - Fall or Spring
  • Epidemiology II - 3 credits - Spring
  • Master's Essay - 3 credits - Spring

Ms in Patient Oriented Research

The MS-POR degree program requires an additional 20 credits. Usually the degree is completed over 2 academic years following participation in CSRI Bootcamp.

REQUIRED COURSES INCLUDE (after completion of CSRI Bootcamp):

  • Analysis of Categorical Data - 3 credits - Fall, Spring or Summer
  • Basic Lab Methods - 1 credit - Fall
  • Responsible Conduct of Research - 1 credit - Spring
  • POR Colloquium - 2 credits - both Fall and Spring required
  • Funding for Research Activities - 1 credit - Spring
  • Building Interdisciplinary Research Models - 2 credits - Spring
  • Master's Essay - 1 credit - Fall


Some students prefer to complete the bulk of their coursework during the summers in a more compressed timeframe. Those students may consider registering for CSRI Summer 2 courses which are offered through CSRI and the Department of Biostatistics. CSRI Summer 2 courses range from 1.5 to 3 credits, and are 1 week to 6 weeks in duration. See the CSRI Summer 2 course offerings here.