Frequently Asked Questions

How much do CSRI courses for further study cost?

Tuition is charged per credit at a rate set by Columbia University. The current rate for the 2014-2015 academic year is $1,560 per credit. Columbia University also charges mandatory student fees of about $300 for each term a student is enrolled in one or more courses.


Do I have to apply for the degree program to take more courses with CSRI?

It depends. Beyond Summer 1, you may take an additional 6 credits through CSRI without being admitted to a degree program. Depending on which classes you choose to take, this is usually 2-3 additional classes after Summer 1. Please note that those who have not yet been admitted to the degree program but choose to take more courses with CSRI are not guaranteed admission to the degree program. 


How do I sign up to take more classes?

There are two ways for CSRI alums and invited scholars to take more courses through CSRI:
1) Apply for the degree program. If accepted, you will be eligible to register for courses in the regular Fall and Spring semesters, as well as for CSRI Summer 2 courses. If you already are in a degree program, check with your program director - you are likely eligible to take CSRI Summer 2 courses.
2) Wait for the email announcement about CSRI Summer 2 courses (usually sent in late Spring) and request registration. Those not in a degree program are not eligible to take courses during the Fall and Spring semesters.


Can I use my CSRI course credits for a degree?

Yes! As long as you are admitted to the CSRI degree program, the 10 credits from CSRI Summer 1 and the additional 6 credits you might choose to take may be applied to a formal degree program at the Mailman School of Public Health, usually in the Biostatistics or Epidemiology. Check with the department's academic program director for approval.


What degree do I get through CSRI?

The CSRI degree program leads to an MS in Biostatistics in the Clinical Research Methods track.


How do I apply for the CSRI degree program?

See here for application procedures, requirements and links. Please note that the application process can be long so give yourself plenty of time to complete the application.


Can I speak to someone about the program?

Of course. Please email to set-up a phone appointment.